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Scottish Independent Bookshop of the Year 2009

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Yeadon's of Elgin Named
Scottish Independent Bookshop of the Year 2009

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The Scotsman 11th February 2009

" Established in 1887 and still going strong today, Yeadon's is an example of what all bookshops used to be like.

Now refurbished, it is an emporium of resources for Moray with very helpful staff. They take the literature and history of the North-East seriously and are still a Scottish-owned business. There is also a smaller branch in Banchory."

Scots Magazine December 2008

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The Independent 24th May 2008

One of the UK's 50 Best Bookshops

"Yeadons of Elgin is a wonderful old Scottish independent now owned by Birlinn Publishing... It has a great selection of Scottish-interest titles and passionate, well-informed staff."