Our Poet-in-Residence

We are delighted to welcome Eddie Gibbons as our very own poet-in-residence. Eddie can be screamingly funny and deeply moving, sometimes both at the same time, and has a  verbal dexterity all of his own. He will be performing at a number of future events.

A sample of Eddie's work (much more can be found on his own website):

Shopping Forecast

The Shopping Forecast issued by the Dole Office                                        
at 1930 on Thursday 8th June.

There are warnings of Sales in Frasers,
Debenhams, Esslemont and Macintosh.

The general Shopping List at 1300:

Iceland, North Utsire, South Utsire.
10p off at Iceland, while stocks last.
Lurpak £1.06 decreasing 5 or 6p
by 1300 tomorrow.
North it’s dearer, south it’s dearer.

Faeroes, Cromarty Co-op
Fisherman’s Friends reduced
to tears. Automatic Lighthouse
on the blink. 40 watt
lightbulbs sold out.

German Bite, Biscuit, Thin as Air.
Strudels, Hob Nobs, 5p off.
Peckish, becoming famished 1 or 2.
Decreasing 3 or 4
dress sizes.
Gail, forced, ate.

Isle of Jura, Baileys, Rhum.
70p off 70cl.
Westerly, veering uncertainly.
Becoming paralytic after 6 or 7.
Occasional slurring.
Poorly later.

Hiking, Base Rate, Robber Bank.
Variable, becoming high.
Extortionate for a time. APR 20 or 30.
Mastercard and Visa low.
Hard rain. Overdraft increasing 100%.

Low, 100 miles south of Shetland,
WLTM Siren or Silkie.
No mermaids.
Rising Northwesterly
in anticipation.

That is the end of the Shopping Forecast.

© Eddie Gibbons 2003

Included in The Republic of Ted,

Thirsty Books, Edinburgh.



Eddie Gibbons was born in Liverpool in a previous century. He isn’t saying which.

He moved to Aberdeen in 1980. A founder member of The Lemon Tree Writers and

The Dead Good Poets, Aberdeen, his work is widely published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies. His poems have been broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland, Capital Radio, (London) and Sky Sports. He has given readings in Berlin, Dortmund, London, New York and at the Edinburgh Fringe.


He has five full poetry collections published to date:

Stations of the Heart, 1999*

The Republic of Ted, 2003* 

Game On! 2006*

Why She Flew to Barcelona, 2010

What They Say About You, 2010*


*available at Yeadon's..


His latest collection, What They Say About You, Leamington Books, Edinburgh, 2010,

was shortlisted for the Scottish Book of the Year, Poetry Section, 2011.